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Tutoring In Melbourne

Outstanding results are only part of our tutoring success


Tutoring In Melbourne

Mindfulness, study strategies and balancing mental and physical wellbeing


Tutoring In Melbourne

Working smarter not harder and reducing information overload


We Work With You

We work with you to create a personalised learning programme by understanding the way you learn best.

In 2021, weekly sessions are delivered one on one by subject specialist tutors on premises and via our dedicated virtual classroom platform.

Tutors are handpicked and trained by our Directors.

We help you choose the most relatable, engaging and vibrant tutor for you. Your tutor will help you decide on your learning goals; gaining confidence in your ability, improving your grade or attaining a high study score. Personal achievement is celebrated.

If you have an urgent question, a looming assessment deadline or an important test tomorrow……don’t stress we can always help you via AirTutor for one off tutoring sessions. AirTutor is ideal when you need a tutor last minute.

Tutoring In Melbourne

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Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne

Happy Clients


I cannot thank you enough for the care and expertise shown to my son during his VCE year. He achieved the ATAR he wanted and has been accepted into his university course. We are so pleased with the results. My son said he couldn't have done it without his tutors. We have recommended Avivo to our friends.


Our daughter and son have been tutored in English and Maths at Avivo for the past two years. The improvement in essay writing, test results and examinations has given a real boost to their confidence. We were thrilled when our daughter received an academic excellence award at the end of the year.


My daughter is in Year 9 and she is tutored by David in Maths. Before starting at Avivo she was averaging 41% in tests. After one term of tutoring she is now achieving 78%. She has now gained so much confidence in her ability she is thinking of doing it as a VCE subject. I would highly recommend Avivo to any parent. It is money very well spent.


We are most grateful for your professional tutoring service. Our eldest son went from performing poorly in English during Yr 10 to a study score of 42 in VCE. Our other two children have improved in all their subjects, thanks to the careful matching of tutors. The weekly feedback we receive as parents from the tutors is invaluable. We have recommended your service to many friends.


I would like to congratulate you on the talented and supportive tutors at Avivo. My son has benefited greatly from their expertise and guidance during his final VCE year. His results improved significantly as well as his confidence. The advice from his tutors on university and career choices was truly appreciated. I only wish we had found you earlier in his academic journey.


One of our biggest challenges as a blended family is staying on top of homework and assessment deadlines. The professionalism of Avivo in managing blended family dynamics is truly exceptional. All our children were carefully matched with a tutor and attend their individual tutoring sessions at Avivo’s dedicated tutoring centre at the same time. Tutoring feedback is provided electronically each week to all parents. You are getting much more than a tutor at Avivo.


Kiera has been an outstanding tutor for our daughter. Over the past two years she has mastered her biology studies and been able to work on maths when required. This has resulted in a lift in results for both subjects. Kiera’s guidance on SACs, bound reference, exam preparation and university course selection has been fantastic. Avivo is a great service for busy families and its professionalism provides great peace of mind .


Our son has a strong aptitude for maths but has performed poorly in English due to a preference of providing black and white answers. We are so fortunate to have found Avivo and Lucy as a tutor. She has been instrumental in unlocking the writer’s potential in our son. Carefully designed highly interactive sessions with follow up revision work has been the key to developing his English technical skills. Avivo understands the individual.


Avivo is a division of the Australian Institute of Elite Education and a member of the Australian Tutoring Association. It is a preferred tutoring centre for the Ronald McDonald Learning Program enhancing the learning of children with serious illness.

We also provide tutoring scholarships for disadvantaged students and rural families facing financial hardship.

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Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne