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Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring In Melbourne
  • 1. My child is unable to attend tutoring this week. What do I do?

    If your child is unable to attend tutoring this week please advise Avivo in writing via email as soon as possible. If notice is provided more than 24 hours before the session, we will do our best to reschedule the session. If a session cannot be rescheduled during the term to suit the student, then the session can be held online or a piece of work submitted for correction with feedback provided in that tutoring term.

  • 2. Is it possible to reschedule sessions during the term due to other commitments?

    Sessions held during the peak tutoring times of 4pm to 6pm Monday to Thursday cannot be rescheduled more than once in a term. You will forfeit the right to the time if two or more non-attendances occur during the tutoring term. Tutoring sessions outside Avivo’s peak tutoring time can be rescheduled if more than 24 hours’ notice is provided.

  • 3. Does tutoring take place all year?

    Tutoring at Avivo takes place weekly on a term by term basis. Avivo works by the Victorian Government School Calendar which is divided into four terms and each term varies in the number of weeks.

    Our term based plans reflect this situation. If one of your tutoring sessions falls on a public holiday, Avivo will work with you to find another suitable time if you and/or your tutor cannot attend the session on the public holiday.

    If you still require the session that week, we will endeavour to accommodate the makeup session as close to your normal tutoring day. If you do not require the session that week it can be used at another time during the term.

    In addition to term based sessions, Avivo also runs a Head Start Programme before the first week of Term 1 to help students consolidate skills and start preparing for unit topics and assessments.

    Avivo also offers tutoring during the Term 3 holiday period for VCE students to assist with revision and exam preparation.

  • 4. I have completed my exams or assessment and don’t require tutoring this week.

    For students to receive the full benefit of working one-on-one with tutors at Avivo we highly recommended that they attend each session during the term. Down time after assessments or exams is the time our tutors use to consolidate skills and address knowledge gaps. Many students find that work completed after an assessment leads to the most improvement.

  • 5. Can a student be tutored ad hoc?

    Years of tutoring has shown us that students gain the most benefit from consistent one-on-one tutoring and for this reason we have created a term based tutoring programme for school students. We understand that university students have different requirements and can organise flexible tutoring packages if required.

  • 6. When is the best time to start tutoring?

    The time to start tutoring is dependent on the needs of the individual student and Avivo has experienced tutors who work with students from primary school through to university. Whether it is strengthening or extending your skills and knowledge our tutors will work with you to achieve your goals. If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with an Avivo tutor, please contact us for a free consultation.

  • 7. What happens during a session and can I get feedback regarding my child’s progress?

    Tutoring sessions at Avivo run for 60 minutes. All tutors receive training to optimise learning during sessions to ensure students get the most out of their time at Avivo. After the session, tutors complete session notes that are sent to parents so you are informed of your child’s progress as well as the content covered during the session.

  • 8. Will my child be given homework?

    At Avivo homework tasks are set to consolidate skills or content covered in sessions and are an important part of ensuring students are confident with each area of study. Homework is primarily set for primary and junior high students and parents will be provided with feedback on homework in the session notes. Homework is not regularly set for VCE students unless it is agreed upon by both the tutor and the student.

  • 9. Is there any way my child can receive extra assistance?

    Avivo Online (launching soon) offers additional support to students who require after hours’ assistance. Alternatively, additional sessions can be arranged with your child’s tutor, or another experienced tutor at Avivo, on request.

  • 10. How do you select and recruit your tutors?

    Our Elite Tutors are high achieving graduates and undergraduates who pride themselves on the level of engagement they provide their students. All subject and specialist tutors are either professionally qualified, qualified teachers or have excelled in their VCE/university studies.

    All tutors undergo a three-step application process which includes an initial application and screening process, a phone interview and a final face-to-face interview. It is not only academic excellence but also skill level, experience, personality, motivation and reliability that is assessed to ensure our tutors can act as mentors as well as tutors. Before tutors commence at Avivo, they also undergo training and must provide a Working With Children Check.

  • 11. Are sessions one-on-one or group based?

    Tutoring at Avivo is one-on-one to provide highly personalised tutoring that is tailored to the needs of your child. The individual session structure allows tutors to determine the optimum learning style for your child, identify areas for improvement and work with them to build their confidence and skills.

  • 12. How do you ensure that my child is being tutored by the right person?

    Our Director works closely with tutors and parents to carefully match students with tutors. As well as being highly skilled our tutors are also trained to adapt tutoring and communication styles to meet the needs of each student. Occasionally a student may feel that the tutor is not the best fit and in this case, we will work with you to find an alternative tutor.

  • 13. Can I speak to or meet the tutor first?

    An obligation free consultation is available at our dedicated tutoring centre in Ivanhoe where you can meet with a Programme Director to discuss your tutoring needs. Due to tutoring and other commitments (university study) it is not always possible to meet with a tutor before commencing, however, you are welcome to come and meet the tutor at the start of your child’s first session.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.

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Tutoring In Melbourne
Tutoring In Melbourne